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Update on Leadership Election Process

15 Jul , 2016  

Dear all,

Over the past few days we have had a lot of interest from people keen to join our organisation. Unfortunately, we’re still rectifying the membership system, which is still preventing people from signing up. Trust us, we’re just as frustrated as you! We’ll update you as soon as the system is up and running.

At the same time we wanted to clarify the membership rules for affiliate supporters. We understand that there are many people who are keen to vote for the Leadership election, and we did not want to be in a situation whereby we accept payment for new members only for them to be unable to vote.

Thursday 12 January is the last date to have joined the Labour Party or an affiliated organisation (Trade Unions, and social societies of which BAME Labour is one) in order to vote in the leadership election. Anyone who joined BAME Labour or the Labour party after this date will not be able to vote.

If you still wish to vote, you may sign up as a registered supporter for £25. Registered supporter applications open on Monday 18 July and close on 20 July 5pm.


The timetable of the Leadership Contest is as follows:

Tuesday 12 Jan – Join the Labour party on or before this date to vote in the Leadership election.

Monday 18 July – Registered supporters applications open

Monday 18 July: 7pm – European Parliamentary Labour Party and Parliamentary Labour Party nominations open

Wednesday 20 July: 5pm – European Parliamentary Labour Party and Parliamentary Labour Party nominations close and supporting nominations open.

Wednesday 20 July: 5pm – Last date to join as registered supporter

Thursday 21 July: Noon – Deadline for validly nominated candidates to consent to nomination

Friday 22 July – Hustings period opens

Monday 8 Aug: Noon – Final date for membership arrears to be paid in full

Monday 15 Aug: Noon – Supporting nominations close

w/c Monday 22 Aug – Ballot mailing dispatched

Wednesday 14 Sept: Noon – Last date for electronic ballot reissues

Friday 16 Sept – Hustings period closes

Wednesday 21 Sept: Noon – Ballot closes

Saturday 24 Sept – Special conference to announce result

We hope that this makes things clear. As we said before, we hope to get the membership system working as soon as possible and will update you as soon as systems are back to normal.


The BAME Labour Team

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