Be Part of the Conversation

28 Jun , 2015  

During the General Election I was one of many Labour Students knocking on doors across the country in marginal seats. Although the result was disappointing for all of us, we won’t stop campaigning for the values that we believe in.

Since last month, we’ve seen a Queens’s speech that threatens higher education, suggests the scrapping of the Human Rights Act, and proposes tax cuts for the wealthy. For me there’s never been a more important time to be a Labour Student.

The next twelve months are about more than just opposition, they’re about putting forward our party’s vision for the future in the Scottish, Welsh, and London elections.

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The country’s future is in student hands

9 Mar , 2015  

It sounds dramatic, but students could tip the balance of power at the next General Election. First thing’s first, everyone needs to register to vote by 20th April. If sufficient numbers do, studies have shown that students could determine who forms a Government in May. And rightly so. Students – at college or university, studying full time or part time – are incredibly important members of society, with a huge stake in our country’s future.

Since 2010, when I was elected MP for Sheffield Central, the constituency with the highest number of students in the country, I’ve worked hard to make sure students are listened to and taken seriously by politicians.

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Labour Students starts 2015 with a bang!

6 Jan , 2015  

This week Ed Miliband’s announced that between now and May the Labour Party would speak to four million voters.

Labour Students #TeamFightback has already pledged thousands of hours of campaigning. We know the importance of campaigning, and we are committed to ensuring Labour Students is at the heart of those four million conversations. Now it’s time for us to get started!

Labour Students has an absolutely packed agenda to kick of the New Year, starting as we mean to go on. First off, we’ll be heading to Brighton this Saturday with Community Union for a day at the seaside campaigning for the fantastic Peter Kyle.

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Why I’m so excited to be part of Scottish Labour

16 Dec , 2014  

Our Chair of Scottish Labour Students shares her thoughts on the new and exciting changes happening in Scottish Labour at the moment.

I'm Erin (the woman on the right in the red jacket!) and I was elected the new Chair of Scottish Labour Students only a month ago, and I could not have dreamed of a better introduction to my new role. There's been many exciting changes in Scottish Labour these past few weeks, not only do we have a new leadership team of Jim Murphy MP and Kezia Dugdale MSP, but also their fantastic plans and ideas for us to win in 2015 and 2016.

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Dan Jarvis’s Speech at National Council

8 Dec , 2014  

I want to start by thanking Finn, Grace and Brad for inviting me to join you today.

It’s always a pleasure to be with Labour Students,

And it’s a pleasure to be here in Wales.

As I was travelling down this morning, it reminded me of when I was a student here in Wales myself.

I studied up the road at Aberystwyth.

Aber was a great place to be at University but on occasion, I did make the trip to see the bright lights of Cardiff:

An opportunity for a quiet night out with friends, perhaps even for one or two dry sherries to be consumed as well…

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My Summer in Scotland

31 Aug , 2014  


This summer I have spent almost twelve weeks in Scotland with the Better Together campaign. Over those weeks campaigning to keep Scotland a part of the UK I’ve had some great experiences and met some wonderful voters, being asked in for tea and a blether on countless occasions.

A lot of people like me, from other clubs in England, have come to volunteer in what is the most historic vote of our generation. The reason I chose to spend my summer campaigning in Scotland is simple. It’s central to my values as a member of the Labour Party that we achieve more together than we achieve alone, that stands true for the nations of the UK as much as for ordinary people.

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Why you should come to the Organisers Academy

31 Jul , 2014  

Since we launched the Organisers Academy a couple of weeks ago we’ve had a lot of members getting in touch with questions, so we thought we’d write a blog answering some of the most frequent questions we’ve been receiving, as well as setting out why you definitely don’t want to miss it!

1) Is Summer Training still happening this year?

This is Summer Training; we’ve just given it a General Election re-brand. We decided that this year we wanted to offer something more campaigning focussed so that Labour Students are all geared up for what is going to be an exciting year on the campaign trail.

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Championing Childcare

30 Jun , 2014  

Sarah Champion MP reports on Labour's plans to tackle the rising cost of childcare.

Picture this. You’re a mum, working full time, with two young children. You earn nearly £12,000. You’ve got a partner who also works full time, earning the same as you. You’ve recently returned to work after having a career break to spend the last two years raising your children. During that time, you’ve found it hard to survive on one income alone, so you felt it was time to return to work to help bring money in for the family.

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Diversifying Parliament: Black Labour Women Lead the Way

18 Jun , 2014  

Dawn Butler, Labour's Parliamentary candidate for Brent Central reports on the Labour Black Women's Network's first policy forum and training day.

On Saturday 7th June the Labour Black Women’s Network met for its first National Policy Forum and training day.

Labour Black Women’s Network (LBWN) is a community collective and was co-founded in 2010 by activists Caroline Alabi, Mandy Richards & Florence Nosegbe.

It was established to encourage, assist and support black women of African and African-Caribbean origins within the Labour Party, who wish to stand for party and/or public office by providing practical hands-on campaign support, peer-mentoring, advice and information via grassroots community organisation, targeted training seminars and conferences.

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The Apprenticeships Gender Divide Persists

27 May , 2014  

Ann McKechin, MP for Glasgow North and a member of the Business, Innovation and Skills committee on addressing the gender imbalance within the apprenticeships system.

The glass ceiling is a familiar metaphor; an invisible barrier which stops women, despite their talent and experience, from reaching the same heights as their male colleagues in business and public life.

But since the Business, Innovation and Skills select committee’s inquiry into Women in the Workplace reported last year, I have become more concerned with what we might call the ‘magnetic floor’; the range of factors constraining women at the start of their careers, channelling them into low paid work with few opportunities for progression, and limiting their ability to rise up the ranks into the ‘pipeline’ of executive talent in organisations as easily as their male peers.

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