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The Fight to Save Vital Community Centre Continues

17 Dec , 2015  

MP Leads Burnley Delegation to Save Chai Centre

A delegation of campaigners, led by Burnley MP Julie Cooper, travelled to County Hall Preston on Thursday to hand in a petition signed by of hundreds concerned Burnley residents protesting against the possible loss of Healthy Living services from the popular Chai Centre. The well-used centre located on Hurtley Street, was opened in 2004 and presently houses a range of facilities including the Healthy Living Centre which incorporates a café, gym and sauna.

Julie was accompanied by County Councillor Dr. Misfar Hassan and Burnley Borough Councillor Saeed Chaudhry who coordinated the petition following weeks of discussions with residents opposed to the loss of services.

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Christmas Preparations

11 Dec , 2015  

As you would expect the burden of responsibility weighed heavily on all MPs in Westminster last week. Most of you will already know that I voted not to support David Cameron’s plan to bomb Syria. I did not take the decision lightly but ultimately I think it was the right one. To read my reasons visit

In the lead up to Wednesday’s lengthy debate I attended numerous briefings on Syria. In the midst of this though I did manage to find the time to attend a really uplifting presentation organised by Ambitious for Autism.

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