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The Threat to Our Libraries is Real

2 Apr , 2016  

Our public library service which has been the envy of the world is under threat. Public libraries providing free access to books and a range of media and a quiet place to read or work are an integral part of our communities but it seems they are set to become a thing of the past. Since 2010, 343 libraries have been forced to close as a result of Government funding cuts not only depriving communities of a vital resource but leading to the loss of 8,000 jobs. This year further cuts will lead to the closure of many more. Lancashire County Council will be forced to close a further 40 libraries across the County.

I love books and have spent many happy hours in the local library. At one time I worked as a librarian and over the years I have enjoyed seeing libraries grow and develop offering access to a wide range of resources. I know that this is a service that will be a huge loss to many in the community. I will fight to save all our libraries but I have to say I am disgusted that the Government chooses to put tax cuts for the wealthy before the protection of our libraries.

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