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12 Dec , 2017  

On #PostalWorkersDay my @EuroLabour colleagues and I showing our gratitude to our posties for all they do – especially at this time of year! #RiseUp

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20 Nov , 2017  

Amazing catch up with @DMiliband at book launch this evening. Looking forward to working with @IRCEurope to continue to speak out for those that need it most – particularly at this time the Rohingya and those displaced by the war in Syria.

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Tory chaos, workers’ rights at risk. Your Brexit update from Brussels.

6 Oct , 2017  

The EU Parliament has just passed a resolution, stating that not enough progress has been made to move to the second phase of Brexit negotiations.

Some 6 months after Article 50 was triggered, there is annoyance at the lack of clarity on citizens' rights, the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, and the UK's financial commitments.

The lack of progress in negotiations also means there's less time to negotiate what our future relationship with the EU will be.

Here is my update from Brussels, in the immediate aftermath of the Tory Party conference.

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The UK cannot afford to wait until 2069 for equal pay

3 Oct , 2017  

Some women in Lancashire are earning up to 27% less than men for the same work.

In fact, the National Centre for Social Research named two North West communities in their list of the ten worst local economies in the UK to be a woman.

The EU and member states acknowledge the problem, but we are crippled by slow progress. In fact, one analysis this year estimates that the UK's gender pay gap will not be eradicated until 2069 - 99 years after the Equal Pay Act.

Here's my speech in Strasbourg, highlighting the need for a holistic solution which acknowledges the need for better, affordable childcare provision; vocational education for women; and boardroom gender equality.

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Brussels Diary – 29th September 2017

29 Sep , 2017  

It's weekly roundup time!

Lots of committee work going on, and this is what else I've done:
Attended an event on female genital mutilation (FGM) and how we can end this practice by engaging with people at grassroots level.
Met with representatives from the European Network for Independent Living (ENIL) to talk about the Commission's disability strategy and what we can do to better empower disable people.
Discussed human rights and regional security with a delegation from the UAE.
Spoke at an event with the Governor of Balochistan.

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Brussels Diary – 18th September 2017

18 Sep , 2017  

Check out what I've done as your MEP last week in Strasbourg - in addition to lots of votes and committee meetings, I did the following:

Spoke twice in the chamber on the issue of the situation in Myanmar and the suffering of the Rohingya - I played an active role in getting the resolution passed by the European Parliament (find the text of the resolution here… ).
Met with the Bangladesh Ambassador to the EU to discuss the almost 400,000 Rohingyas displaced during the current violence in Myanmar, as well as EU-Bangladesh relations

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Genocide in Myanmar

12 Sep , 2017  

How many more women will be raped? How many more children will be tortured?

Today I gave a speech, and urgent call to action, to the European Parliament on the atrocities in Myanmar.

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Brussels diary – 14th July 2017

14 Jul , 2017  

This has been my first full week in Brussels as the North West's newest Member of European Parliament. It's been a very busy week, working hard to get my office up and running so that I can represent you effectively right from the start of my term in office.

But I have also spent time attending meetings and events, including a number of engagements on issues which will form a core part of my work here for you. I know that these issues - especially Brexit and human rights, are priorities for constituencies and communities in the North West.

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Wajid Khan MEP meets President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

11 Jul , 2017  

Today I attended an event with the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan, about the ongoing situation in Kashmir.

I addressed the meeting and raised my concerns about the situation there and in the wider region.

I stressed the importance of dialogue, and just as peace is one of the founding principles of the EU, we must work towards peace in Kashmir and the wider region. In particular I am appalled by the human rights abuses, particularly against women and children.

I firmly believe Kashmiris have the right to determine their own future, and we should support them in this endeavour.

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Brussels Diary 7th July

7 Jul , 2017  

It's the end of my first week as an MEP! Busy week in Strasbourg being the new boy in the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament. We've been voting on key issues such as EU-Turkey relations and ensuring multinational companies make public the amount of tax they pay in each EU country.

Going forward, it's an honour to represent the North West as your MEP, and I will strive to ensure the region gets the best out of the Brexit negotiations.

Further updates to come!