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Your Chance to be a Candidate in the 2017 General Election

20 Apr , 2017  

Young members can often be put in a box and told we are the future, but why wait when we have young members with talent now? Young members are not the future we are the present and you can make a real difference today by applying to be a candidate for a parliamentary seat. On […]

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Tackling Online Abuse – Together We Can Reclaim the Internet

1 Feb , 2017  

This weekend at Young Labour's Equalities Academy, Jasmin Beckett will be inviting young members to speak out and 'Reclaim the Internet'.

The Internet has become a place where the public and the private now interact. We are now closer to celebrities and our elected representatives than ever before and this should be celebrated. It has given a voice to the marginalised and allows fast, open debate on the current topics of the day, allows us to research and learn, and interact with our friends across the country.

Tim Berners Lee may have envisioned this growth when he created the World Wide Web almost 30 years ago stating “this is for everyone.

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