A better deal for older women

30 Mar , 2014  

Fiona Mactaggart MP, Secretary of the Commission on Older Women, on Labour's commitment to delivering for older women.

A year and a half ago we launched Labour’s Commission on Older Women, chaired by Harriet Harman. Our rationale was simple – older women are disappearing from all walks of life and this is simply not right.

Since then the Commission has gone around the country to hear the voices of as many older women as we can – a journey made possible by the enthusiasm of my fellow Commissioners; presenters Miriam O’Reilly and Arlene Phillips, journalists Jackie Ashley and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Kay Carberry, Gloria Mills and Agnes Tolmie from the trade unions, Sonia Mangan from Age UK, Welsh AM Julie Morgan, media executive Dawn Airey and academic and Sure-Start innovator Naomi Eisenstadt.

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