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Road Accidents in Burnley

27 Feb , 2017  

Everyone has heard the warning before “Drive safely and cautiously”, but when you really think about this important message, it is clear that we as a community are falling short in our efforts. Looking at the most recent statistics for road accidents in Lancashire, Burnley makes up 10% of the driving accidents. This is a very large amount when we take into account the fact that Burnley’s population only makes up for 5% of the whole of Lancashire. New statistics released by the House of Commons research library show that in 2010 road accidents in Burnley were decreasing, as well as the mortality and injury rates involved in these accidents. Unfortunately, the most recent statistics, which are 2014 and 2015 proves that the driving accident rates in both Burnley and Lancashire as a whole have increased.

Although the percentage of serious injuries from accidents was down every year from 2011 through to 2013, from 2014-2015 the percentage of accidents rose by 36%, from 47 to 63 victims. This is the highest rate of serious injuries that Burnley has had since 2010.

These figures are concerning and that is why I am writing to the Minister for Transport to inquire what steps the Government is taking to bring down the number of road accidents and injuries not just in Burnley but across the whole of the country.

There are ways in which we can all decrease unnecessary accidents in our community. The first and foremost is by consciously realising how important it is to be a focused and alert driver. Making sure that driving is the top priority when one is operating a motor vehicle. This means not being distracted by mobile phones or anything else that can hinder one’s ability. The second issue that comes to light is driving while under the influence of alcohol, not only is it illegal, but as we all know it is highly dangerous. Drink driving is not just a careless mistake that can ruin the driver’s life but also poses a danger and harm to others on the road. When we as a community understand and respect driving laws and how they should be followed, we are enabling there to be safe and reliable roads. All of this can not only benefit materialistic things such insurance rates, but more importantly the protection of our lives.

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