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What are County Lines?

29 Nov , 2018  

Never heard of County Lines? It’s something you’re going to hear about a lot over the coming weeks. Sky News are giving a full days coverage to the subject today in an attempt to highlight the seriousness of the problem. For more information watch the feature “Line 18: Behind County Lines”from Sky News on Youtube at the top – report contains images of drug use and descriptions of violence. The report shows that drug dealing across County lines is worth £3m a day, so it’s not a wonder it’s a growing crime.

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John McDonnell | The Road to Rebuilding the Economy: Mansfield

27 Nov , 2018   Video

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Jeremy Corbyn | Saltburn

12 Nov , 2018   Video

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4 Nov , 2018  

Down in the town near Marks and Spencer if anyone wants to join us! @Hyndburn_Labour @LabourNorth @local_labour @LianPate @afrasiab_anwar @CllrLubna @mtfromburnley @Alun_Lewis1 @margeosprey

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1 Nov , 2018  

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