My Summer in Scotland

31 Aug , 2014  


This summer I have spent almost twelve weeks in Scotland with the Better Together campaign. Over those weeks campaigning to keep Scotland a part of the UK I’ve had some great experiences and met some wonderful voters, being asked in for tea and a blether on countless occasions.

A lot of people like me, from other clubs in England, have come to volunteer in what is the most historic vote of our generation. The reason I chose to spend my summer campaigning in Scotland is simple. It’s central to my values as a member of the Labour Party that we achieve more together than we achieve alone, that stands true for the nations of the UK as much as for ordinary people.

When I first arrived in Edinburgh I was a bit apprehensive. How was my English accent going to go down on the doorstep? I needn’t have worried. It was fine and, in fact, it’s been an asset, allowing me to give a different perspective on the issues that voters are wrestling with. Scottish Labour and Better Together have made volunteers from England like me feel so welcome – and I wouldn’t swap the experiences I have had this summer for anything.

Even if you can’t make the move up to Scotland for the final weeks (though if you can you should, the campaign is great and the food is even better!) you can still get involved in this historic moment.

You can join Labour Students from across the UK in Glasgow on the 13th and 14th of September HERE

This is our last chance to ensure we don’t lose our Scottish comrades, our last chance to ensure a fairer, united Britain moving forward together – don’t miss it!

Alec James

Labour Students Vice-Chair Events & Communications

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