Life #WithoutGrants

7 Jul , 2015  

Today we’ve seen brutal evidence of the Tory’s continued attack on students. Not content with simply scrapping EMA, tripling tuition fees and abolishing AimHigher, we have now seen the Maintenance Grants, a lifeline for thousands, pulled from under our feet.

The money these grants offer is often the difference between being able to get into Higher Education or not. Scrapping them will hit the poorest hardest and make university even more difficult for those who need support the most.

The government must think again. Shutting the door to University for thousands is not the answer to the economic or social problems Britain faces. We’re calling on the student movement to unite in opposition to this ideological attempt to shut the door to education.

It is crystal clear this government isn’t on the side of students and young people. This is the most anti-student budget in a generation, as well as the abolition of the maintenance grants, we’ve seen cuts to child benefit that will make it harder for parents to support children in education, more cuts to FE and tax credits being obliterated.

Education shouldn’t be for the privileged few, abolishing the grant is an ideological attack by a Tory government determined to close the door to education for millions of young people from working families.

Let us be clear, we will oppose the government plans to saddle students with more debt this is not the way to encourage more people into education.

Without grants thousands of our members and hundreds of thousands of students simply wouldn’t be able to attend university. Without grants we become a more unfair, more unequal, and more unjust society.

We’re calling on our members to share their story on twitter with the hashtag #WithoutGrants to show the impact this cut will have.

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