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Labour MEPs call for action on Kashmir

8 Jun , 2018  

Labour MEPs today called for action on Kashmir, in dialogue with human rights activists at the European Parliament. Mr Wajid Khan MEP chaired the event and he was honoured to hear the voices of Kashmiri women speaking up about human rights abuses.

The chief guest, Shamim Shawl, spoke of her direct experience of violence in the Jammu and Kashmir region. Undeterred by her experiences, she speaks out on behalf of Kashmiri women and calls for their calls to be listened to: “Kashmiris are not voiceless they are simply not heard”.

In a frank discussion the various MEPs gave their opinions. Alex Mayer MEP urged the Kashmir advocates to build bridges with even more MEPs around the European Parliament. Siôn Simon MEP said that he and his constituents were primarily interested because of the importance of standing in solidarity with human rights abuses sufferers internationally. John Howarth MEP wondered why India, often touted as the largest democracy on earth, is content to have this blight on its record.

Wajid Khan said “Kashmiris should not have to wait another 70 years for justice. Kashmiris are not asking for charity, they are simply asking for their rights as promised to them.”

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