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European Union: In Or Out?

11 May , 2016  

On 23rd June we have to make a very important decision about the future direction of this country. Should we remain in the European Union or leave it writes former Burnley MP, Peter Pike?

I am concerned that so many people have serious misconceptions about the issues involved. I also regret that at times both sides of the campaign seem to be giving misleading information or overstating their case.

I will certainly be voting to remain in the European Union – I voted yes in the 1975 referendum and always regretted we had not been one of the original members. The concept of the Common Market had two key objectives Peace and Prosperity. As one that can remember the bombing in the last war that was certainly one objective I fully shared!

It is important that the vote is NOT seen as a vote on the record of this Tory Government or a vote to try and get rid of Cameron.

It is also important that it is not seen as a vote on the tragic problems of the refugees or linked with the wider issues of immigration. These are issues that need to be addressed and a fair and acceptable solution found – but the referendum will not solve this.

Labour Vote for In

It is also a fact that even if we were to leave the European Union many of its policies would still affect us and we would no longer have any say in those policies.

I am not saying Europe is perfect or that everything it does is right but at times we do blame Europe for things that have nothing to do with Europe. There are very many positive things that have been achieved as a result of our membership of the European Union – I hope the facts will be stated clearly before decision day.

I do firmly believe that our industries and commerce are now so very much interlinked that our future is far better if we remain in. It would be a mistake for us to leave.

We should vote to remain in and then work with those in Europe whose positive views we share to make it a better Europe for the sake of our children and future generations.

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