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Brussels diary – 14th July 2017

14 Jul , 2017  

This has been my first full week in Brussels as the North West’s newest Member of European Parliament. It’s been a very busy week, working hard to get my office up and running so that I can represent you effectively right from the start of my term in office.

But I have also spent time attending meetings and events, including a number of engagements on issues which will form a core part of my work here for you. I know that these issues – especially Brexit and human rights, are priorities for constituencies and communities in the North West.

In addition to attending meetings of the Economic & Monetary Affairs Committee, I:

  • participated in an exchange of views with the President of Kurdistan about the forthcoming referendum on Kurdish independence.
  • supported the campaign calling for a global ban on cosmetics testing on animals.
  • met with UK Permanent Representative to the EU Sir Tim Barrow to discuss Brexit and the Government’s approach to negotiations so far.
  • attended a meeting with a delegation from Qatar, to discuss human rights and the current security situation in the region.

Finally, many congratulations to all those of you who graduated this week – all the best as you head into the world of work!

From Brussels, WK.

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