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Being Part of Community

5 Oct , 2016  

Labour Students are proud of our partnership with Community Trade Union. Shonagh Munro, Chair of Edinburgh Labour Students, talks about being part of Community and our shared values.

My name is Shonagh and I’m a second year student at Edinburgh University. I joined Labour students in 2014 and since then British politics has seen some of the most exciting events in recent times. In my local Labour club I’ve campaigned to ensure students are registered to vote as well as for our staff to be paid the living wage. We also have hosted a number of socials where we taught our English Labour Students equivalents how to celidh and introduced them to the wonders of haggis!

I campaigned up and down the country in last year’s general election and it was during this time I discovered Community. I joined them not only for the help they give to Labour Students or even for the support that they give me as a worker, but rather for the passion in helping those in Britain whose voices have been drowned out by the Tory Government and they’re passion and determination in ensuring that our workers have the rights and support they deserve. Watching Community target resources to key seats for Labour which, due to their hard work, turned into Labour gains, was why I knew Community was the Union for me.

Some of the most vulnerable workers in the country are students and Community’s work on protecting our rights is second to none. Community is a modern trade union, fit for the 21st century, which seeks to empower working people in order to create better communities for us all. The Labour Campaign Network brings together students and workers in order to campaign for Labour all year round. Community shares our values, our passion and our commitment to the Labour Party but also offer vital protection to those students who are often some of the most vulnerable workers. All of our events wouldn’t be possible without the continuing support of Community. They offer us resources, support and advice throughout the year – you can join Community’s Labour Campaign Network for as little as £2.60 a month

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