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Burnley Labour councillors call PM: Reconsider axing furlough scheme

17 Sep , 2020  

The Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour group at Burnley Borough Council are among more than 1,000 Labour councillors and mayors across the UK who have written to Boris Johnson urging him to rethink plans to end the furlough scheme.The furlough scheme will end completely at the end of October, a decision criticised for […]

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22 Jul , 2020  

Face coverings will become mandatory when shopping in England from this Friday. Play your part to #KeepShopsSafe and protect yourself and others – and remember that shopworkers aren’t responsible for enforcing the law. Abuse is #NotPartoftheJob!

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22 Jul , 2020  

Today we celebrate the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalen. We pray for Christian Women and thanks for their service to God. Holy Saint Mary Magdalen, pray for them.

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Leave A Light On For Me

2 Apr , 2020  

Today is 2nd April and is Autism Awareness Day. Every year lots of people ‘Light it up blue for autism’ by putting a blue light in their windows to raise awareness of Autism.

I know there are many planning to light up blue for a very different reason tonight, but tonight’s event can have a dual purpose. Remember those vital Blue Light workers, but also remember those people with autism. So many autistic people and their families are struggling with the lock down right now.

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My Appeal on Recognising Srebrenica Memorial Day

11 Jul , 2019  

Not often I feel like this but last night (10th July, 2019) I was left feeling upset. I proposed a motion to Full Council asking members to join with me in recognising the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide next year. In writing it I was careful to ask only for support and not for any money so that it was not thrown out on the basis that it had financial implications. I was asking for the council to recognise the anniversary on its dedicated day, 11th July, by supporting a gathering in the peace gardens.

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What are County Lines?

29 Nov , 2018  

Never heard of County Lines? It’s something you’re going to hear about a lot over the coming weeks. Sky News are giving a full days coverage to the subject today in an attempt to highlight the seriousness of the problem. For more information watch the feature “Line 18: Behind County Lines”from Sky News on Youtube at the top – report contains images of drug use and descriptions of violence. The report shows that drug dealing across County lines is worth £3m a day, so it’s not a wonder it’s a growing crime.

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Alley Gating… What’s it all about?

26 Jul , 2018  

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 allows local authorities the power through a public space protection order (PSPO) to restrict public right of way over a highway to reduce crime and Antisocial Behaviour. Alley Gates are something that has been around for quite some years in Burnley. They are basically big steel gates that are erected at the entrances to a back alley to close off the area and prevent people who don’t live there getting access.

The gates are fitted to areas that are suffering from crime and antisocial behaviour that is caused by people who don’t live within the block.

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Happy Birthday NHS

5 Jul , 2018  

The NHS is turning 70. No matter who you are, the NHS will have touched your life somehow over the years, probably on the day you were born when a midwife helped you into the world. I grew up with the NHS all around me. Growing up, we lived right next to the hospital and most of my family worked there. Even 40 years ago things were different to the way they are now. Lots of long wards that had a funny smell that was somewhere between cooked food and detol.

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Older People’s Champion Network Forum at Lancaster

21 Mar , 2018  

It was great to get up to Lancaster to see colleagues and Partners as part of the Older People’s Champion Newtork Forum. This one was held in the beautiful Town Hall at Lancaster and was chaired by Councillor Margaret Pattison. I attend these as part of my role as Older People’s Champion and they are a great chance to meet and share some good practice. I’ve come home with plenty of ideas to share back at the Council. The next Forum will be hosted at Burnley in May so I’m really looking forward to showing everyone how wonderful our town is.