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Join our Young Labour Annual Gathering at Annual Conference 2017!

19 Sep , 2017  

This year, Young Labour are putting on a packed programme of events for young members on the Sunday of Annual Conference, full of fringes, workshops, and debates, as well as sessions running throughout the week.

Find out more here.

For more information about Labour Party Annual Conference 2017, visit

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Why I’m running for Lewisham Mayor

17 Aug , 2017  

In September, Labour members in Lewisham will select our candidate for Mayor. I'm delighted to be shortlisted. But I’m disappointed that in one of the most diverse communities in the country, I’m the only BAME candidate.

Labour is the party of equality and we have led the way in increasing representation of black and minority ethnic communities in Parliament. But as a party, we need to up our game in local government. In London – the most diverse city in the world – there are just 4 BAME leaders in our 32 boroughs.

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Prosperity shared by all

15 Aug , 2017   Video

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You had to live a lie

28 Jul , 2017   Video

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Lily’s legacy – the importance of trans people in our movement

26 Jul , 2017  

CN: Transphobia

"I just don't believe trans people are a real thing. We should make them start hunting and foraging for their own food and see whether they still care about what gender they are then".

I sat in shock and looked out of the train window. I could see over the tops of the seats the man who was spouting his disgusting opinions, loudly for the whole train to hear. I felt like crying. I wanted to get up and shout at him, but I couldn’t muster the strength.

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Thank You

8 Jun , 2017   Video

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What to expect on polling day

8 Jun , 2017   Video