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BAME Labour Plus Consultation – Leeds

20 Feb , 2018  

BAME Labour is launching a national and UK wide consultation to engage BAME Labour Party members and BAME communities in the Labour Party Democracy Review. The Labour Democracy Review is the first major review of its kind for over thirty years since the principle of Black Self-Organisation in the Labour Party was adopted in Labour's rules.

Join us at our event 24th February 2018 in Leeds at Unison, Commerce House, Wade Lane, Leeds, LS2 8NJ.

To RSVP to our event please click here.

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Theresa May vs. The Truth

17 Jan , 2018   Video

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Islamophobia Awareness Month

10 Nov , 2017  

As the 30th anniversary of Black History Month comes to an end, Islamophobia Awareness month begins. It’s a month that should remind us of the continuous struggles Muslims go through on a daily basis. As a black muslim both months are significant to me, they remind me of the barriers I face, one due to the colour of my skin, and the other due to the god that I worship. Nevertheless, this month shouldn’t be marked by simply highlighting the levels of Islamophobia in our society, but by looking at how governmental policies have fueled the shocking levels, and putting forward objective solutions to eradicate Islamophobia from our society.

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A vision for a better Britain

28 Sep , 2017   Video