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24 May , 2020  

EID MUBARAK to all the muslims celebrating around the world. Hope you have a wonderful day whilst adherening to the social distancing guidelines. @GhausiaBurnley @BurnleyLabour @afrasiab_anwar @IshtiaqMohammed @ChicoJahangir @fawadchaudhry @Imran_HussainMP #EidMubarak #EidAlFitr

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23 May , 2020  

@WajidKhanMEP @margeosprey @LianPate @cllrcampbell @CllrLubna @mtfromburnley @CllrRaja @Shbana57 @afrasiab_anwar @UKLabour @Azhar4Pendle @Noordad @LabourNorthWest

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18 May , 2020  

#EidUlFitr #EidAtHome message from Burnley Council of Mosques @GhausiaBurnley @LancsMosque @PLumsden @IshtiaqMohammed @CllrSobiaMalik @WajidKhanMEP @CllrLubna @shahjee72 @CllrRaja

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13 May , 2020  

Good that the market is starting to open, but let’s not penalise anyone who feels they are not safe or able to open. Thanks to @mtfromburnley for raising this @margeosprey @afrasiab_anwar @BurnleyLabour @LancsLabour

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12 May , 2020  

*IT’S OFFICIAL* ALHAMDULILLAH I am absolutely delighted to be selected with an overwhelming majority as the Labour Party’s candidate for the Burnley North East Division for the Lancashire County Council election’s in May 2021. @BurnleyLabour

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21 Apr , 2020  

Email has come from @uklabour about the hope to run the Womens Conference as planned in Sept. If anyone isn’t planning that far ahead, I have some past ones. They belonged to Miss Leeming, who may be pictured. @BurnleyLabour @LabourWomensNet

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Leave A Light On For Me

2 Apr , 2020  

Today is 2nd April and is Autism Awareness Day. Every year lots of people ‘Light it up blue for autism’ by putting a blue light in their windows to raise awareness of Autism.

I know there are many planning to light up blue for a very different reason tonight, but tonight’s event can have a dual purpose. Remember those vital Blue Light workers, but also remember those people with autism. So many autistic people and their families are struggling with the lock down right now.

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26 Mar , 2020  

An important message – #StayHome #staysafe #supportkeyworkers @LancsMosque @GhausiaBurnley @The_faithcentre @burnleycouncil @BurnleyLabour

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23 Mar , 2020  

Volunteers from @GhausiaBurnley at the foodbank helping get it ready to support vulnerable people during #covid19 #SocialDistancing #BurnleyTogether also big thank you to cllrs Serish Lone & @LianPate @BurnleyLabour @Calico_Phil #BrilliantBurnley @BurnleyFC_Com @burnleycouncil